We believe art is an essential part of everyone's life and quality of art education matters.  We respect all our students as #youngartists and all our policies are to enhance students' art learning experience as well as to improve artistic skill and critical thinking.

  1. There is no registration fee or contract.

  2. Tuition fee is due on the first week for the month.

  3. All homeschoolers must have P.O. submitted to start a class. (Monthly submissions recommended.)

  4. In case of emergency or if the student have to miss a class, you must notify the instructor(text message) in advance and the student will be asked to come for make up classes within a month period.

  5. More than 2 unexcused absences may result in losing the class spot.

Ask us about Homeschooling!  We are a proud vendor for many local charter schools.

Special Policy due to COVID19

​1. No more than 4-5 students will be in one room to practice social distancing.

2. All students will bring their own art supplies to avoid sharing materials.

3. If you have any symptoms (cough, loss of taste, shortness of breath, fever) and/or have temperature 100.4 and up, please stay home.

4. Temperature will be taken at the entrance of the studio.  If a student has a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees or higher, he/she will be asked to go back home to rest right away.

5. Students must use hand sanitizer(provided by the studio) before and after each class.

6. Students and teacher(s) must wear masks in class when the Riverside County mendates.

7. No making up of missed classes will be allowed until the pandemic is over due to social distancing.

8. All students will be picked up and dropped up promptly since the teacher needs to change table covers and disinfect easels and chairs between each classes.